Latching Relay On/Off Switch Circuit

The ambit beneath switches AC or DC ability to a amount application an ultra low ability 3v latching broadcast with two coils. The broadcast can handle about 10 amps of current, up to 250vac. Anniversary time the baby pushbutton is pressed, the ambit either latches the broadcast contacts bankrupt or alleviate them open. The 3v powered ambit uses a distinct 74HC14. This accessory contains six Schmitt activate inverters in the one
14 pin package. Two inverters anatomy a flip/flop circuit. Anniversary time the pushbutton is pressed, the ambit changes accompaniment and stays in that accompaniment until the button is apprenticed again. With anniversary accompaniment change, a 25ms latching or unlatching beating is produced and is baffled to the actual broadcast coil. The braid attrition is about 45 ohms so about 70ma of accepted is fatigued from the 3v array for anniversary broadcast pulse. The boilerplate ability is so low that the ambit can accomplish for abounding years on one set of batteries. I would advance application two AA or AAA acrid cells.

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