78XX and 79XX stabilizer with Desain Mini PCB

Circuit Skema Rangkaian - The stabilizer circuit of the IC 78XX and 79XX commonly used for voltage stabilization with a mini PCB design , and practical. In the picture above is looking from top the PCB, with a width of 2 cm and 5 cm height. For input voltage can be directly through the AC because i've put it four rectifier diodes are then forwarded to the Elco and IC , that has a stable output in accordance with IC series. What if the IC series 7805 and 7905 , the output voltage of 5 Volts. If the series IC 7812 and 7912 then the output voltage of 12 volts , and so on. See circuit schematic below :

78XX and 79XX stabilizer
Skema Rangkaian 78XX and 79XX stabilizer

Part List :
D1,D2,D3,D4 = 1N4007
C1,C2             = 1000 uF/50V
C3,C4             = 470 uF/50V
IC1                 = 78xx series
IC2                 = 79xx series
And this is PCB design look from bottom :
Skema Rangkaian 78XX and 79XX stabilizer 
PCB design by SIGMA4-Madiun

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