Skema 200 watt Power Amplifier STK4050 II

Application Circuit Power Amplifier STK4050 II

Skema Power Amplifier STK4050 IISkema Specified Transformer Supply for 200 watt Power Amplifier STK4050 II
Supplay 200 watt Power Amplifier

Features STK4050 II
  • Compact package for thin-type audio sets
  • Member of pin-compatible series with outputs of 20 to
  • 200W
  • Easy heatsink design to disperse heat generated in thintype
  • stereo sets
  • Constant-current circuit to reduce supply switch-on and
  • switch-off shock noise
  • External supply switch-on and switch-off shock noise
  • muting, load short-circuit protection, thermal shutdown
  • and other circuits can be tailored-designed

  • To use the results of the max capacitor 10000Uf/80 Vot, with a pure tranformator 5 / 42 volt
  • provide a good cooling plate, the ic STK4050 II

Tips that sub Woofer Voice | bass sound more felt

according to experience, you have to do a little experiment for you to get the best bass sound, stalwart, gigantic. To get the best bass sound between the subwoofer and the room you, then you should get a 'pass that point. the following manner:
  • Place the subwoofer on your location on our seat. (sub Woofer do not be put on the table / cupboard you high more than 1 / 2 meter)
  • Turn the sub Woofer and you do not forget to disconnect the speaker Amplifier.
  • Play a song you like, which have gained a good frequency bass
  • Then try running memutari room, see the characters that appear bass.
  • You will hear some of the bass sound quality improvements in some corner of the room. This happens due to the interaction between low-frequency space and you. Nah corners you can select as a "node" or the point pas you need to immediately place your subwoofer in a corner of it.

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