Alarm Circuit For Motorcycle using CD4001

 Simple Alarm for motorcycle with a CD4001

This is a simple alarm circuit for a check with a 4001. You can use it to protect our home, motorcycle, car or any other application that comes to mind. In this circuit you will make a computer simulation with Livewire and then design the printed circuit Kicad.

SW1 is a normally closed switch when pressed triggers the flip-flop formed by the two NOR gates of the CD4001 and remains in that state for a time determined by the time constant of R5-C2. This time is the one who keeps the relay RL1 and operated by its two contacts that we investors will control two loads, for example a siren and a light or any other that we connect to P3 and P4.
After that time elapsed, the relay disconnects the circuit will soon be the alarm to be triggered again.
We can replace the switch Sw1 a PIR motion sensor, an infrared barrier, a smoke detector, gas detector, a magnetic sensor, a panic button or other device to act as a switch closed and opened fire at the alarm.
For the circuit we can only practical substitute for a preset R5 (RV1) so you can easily adjust the monitor while the charges.

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